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to flow.

organic essential oils of : Geranium | Lemongrass | Roman Chamomile

the water blend is inspired by cleansing, lemongrass is strong and physically great at cleaning away germs so we can transfer it energetically and we have a powerhouse of clean.

supported by the soft, feminine nature of rose geranium and chamomile so great to use intentionally to fluidly flow and clear up those energetic cobwebs while being gently supported during the process.

in a glass dropper bottle for ease of use. blended with our favourite silky soft, organic fractionated coconut oil.

great to use in savasana massages, in your bath, hair, massage, body conditioner and hands.

Water Oil Blend 50ml

  • Organic Fractionated coconut oil base blend in a 50ml bottle with glass dropper top.

    Great to use for massage, diffuser, bath, hair and of course, savasana massages!

    Ingredients : Organic Fractionated coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) + essential oil blend

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