The ever so popular refillable yogi oil car diffusers are back!


A natural and beautiful way to scent your car or a small space and refillable for as long as it lasts! Can be filled with your own oils when oil has diffused.


A crystal shaped, gorgeous coloured glass bottle is filled with essential oils, a little water and a dash of alcohol (no nasties!) It is paired with a lovely screw top wooden lid which the oil then naturally diffuses out of. The wooden lid stays scented long after the liquid diffuses.


Available in all 6 yogi oil element scents. Please choose dependant on whatever scent tickles your fancy. Please note that this is a limited product and that each diffuser is a different colour and colours cannot be chosen.


To activate diffuser - screw off the wooden top and remove the plastic cap, replace the wooden top (but not too tightly as liquid needs space to diffuse)


Red, yellow, green, pink, purple and brown glass are the colours of the glass. Unfortunately you wont be able to choose the colour of the glass - it will be a surprise!

Car diffuser

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