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A reminder to Flow and to honour and continue to understand the cycle.


An honouring to your femininity and flow. Use as part of sinking deep within and honouring your divine feminine flow. This time is sacred, a time to flow, listen and learn. Prepare and heal your body for now and for the future.

Keep to use at your time of the month or whenever you need some extra support. Use alongside the Flow candle and oil for a truly immersive experience. Create a ritual around your cycle. Honour it and you.

Blended using essential oils to support your release with hopefully a little more ease. Pure essential Oils of clary sage, Ylang Ylang, lavender and vanilla are swirled into water to create a lusciously soft feeling mist.


Mist on your belly or space as you enter into your winter season and throughout, mist bursts of this sacred plant mist in the bath or use anywhere on your body as a little self care ritual anytime you need.

Great also for use in womens circles, circles, ceremony and any space where the flow, femininity or cycle is spoken about to help create an olfactory memory for your clients and guests and yourself. The energy that surrounds these plants that are linked to the feminine and healing is enough in itself to bring that energy into these spaces.


100ml Flow mist Ingredients : water. clary sage oil, Ylang Ylang oil, lavender oil, vanilla planiforia oil and a dash of alcohol.

Please patch test before use as essential oils can be an irritant. If pregnant please consult your healthcare specialist before using as clary sage is not recommended at certain times of pregnancy.

F l o w 100ml mist

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