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Pine, cypress and cedar essential oils swirled together with an eco soy and rapeseed wax.

40-60 hours burn time. Wax will vary in colour, quantity and due to natural dyes and pouring process. May not look exactly like the pictures but definitely always beautiful with a bit of pine on the lid!

with every purchase a donation will be made towards protection the native trees of Scotland

Il meet you in the forest …. il meet you where the wild things grow … and we can go exploring 🌳

for a long time I wanted to create a product that gave back to the trees, to the forest and to the gratitude and connection I feel towards this landscape for inspiring the foundation of everything I do. the forest gifted me a connection to something at a time when I was really lost. i ventured into the same forest mostly every day for years and watched how the plants interacted with each other over the seasons, what grew beside what and watched as different types of mushrooms popped up to help clean up the forest floor after the abundance of summer. then i watched them disappear and I waited and slumbered just as the pines, cedars and cypress did over the dark months in the anticipation of the first shoots of green buds on the pine needle carpeted floor. the forest helped me remember how to use my senses, listen to the cycle of nature and how to let the seasons inspire the way I move through life so I could live in deeper harmony with myself and the world and plants around me.

recently I have seen devastation in my home forest. ancient trees fallen from storms and winds, fires from campers and due to modern unusual heat. this forest has never seen the likes of it for years and years and this candle is my way to give back (as well as singing to the pines their sweet sweet song they gifted me) to the forest.

with every candle bought a donation will be given to the restoration of native trees. i still haven’t chosen the charity or cause I will be donating to but il keep stock pile and donate when I have enough pennies together to make a difference. i may buy native trees and donate to a land owner I know to help towards the survival of the earth that holds us.

we need the trees. an ode to the trees, to the forest and to the ancestors and the present and the future Scotland and lands farther afield. now is the time. 👁

let the darkest of nights, ease your soul and let this wild thing grow. you got this, we got this.

the forest candle is now available to buy and will stay, beautifully decorated with forest floor finds and scented with the evergreen protectors 🌲

The Forest Candle

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