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natural ritual tools, products and candles deeply inspired by the symbolism of the seasons. 

as the creator of yogi oils and of the earth rituals, everything i create is much more than a natural product. each product has a story. i see them as a gateway into a deeper curiosity of the world around us, which we can use as a mirror into a deeper understanding of us. how we work, how we move, our condition. a simple product, carefully created in the hope that we can unearth old folklore stories of times past, of plant symbolism and natures medicine and bring these tales into our minds, bodies and souls to aid our awareness. we are nature and nature is us. we move with the seasons as we do with the plants and the animals. we have lost a lot of this symbiotic relationship due to the fast paced world we live in. i urge you to try and keep it simple, keep it rooted in your locality so that we can become connected on a much bigger picture. my deepest hope is that these products guide you in some way, be it simply guiding you into relaxation, guiding you into a blissful meditation or guiding your soul into a little bit more awareness and expansion. from my heart to yours - may these scents, symbolisms and ideas soothe you and i hope you find the stillness in each season that your soul seeks. 'we are one' 

Katrino is a Scotland based yoga teacher, outdoor adventurer and the creator of Yogi Oils. She has a deep passion for nature, the seasons and the plant medicine of Scotland and the world. Katrino explores and shares from experience and knowledge, how we can use and tap into the symbolism and movements of the earth to aid in our understanding of us.

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to read an interview from Becoming Blog about Katrino and the oils

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