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Scots pine & spruce resin


mindfully hand collected ancient Scottish pine resin and norway spruce resin loose incense from the ancient forests of Scotland always using the beautiful Scots Pine - Pinus Sylvestris and the giant Norway spruce.


Sustainable, single person resin collecting takes a very very long time. It took me years to collect a reasonable amount of this golden resin. A majority of the time resins are unethically harvested through purposfully damaging the tree so that it produces its resins. I was invested in this slow living approach to harvesting from my dearest plant ally - the pine. I wandered all over the Highlands and lowlands of Scotland, investigating and laying gentle roots with the tree beings i met and over time they showed me their small produce of resins, which i collected with my trusty knife and old jar. Over the years my small jar filled up and so i dried it out over months and then sprinkled the golden dust into a larger jar and repeated this process until i had enough to share with you. 


After asking permission and creating a friendship from the pine, of course!!! 


hand collected over years and years of my Scotland wanderings from Pine beings

air dried slowly

hand blended

intention filled

respectful plant harvesting & processing


in the box -

20g of blended golden pine resin and spruce resin, a charcoal disc and a scallop shell 🐚


how to use -

in ritual to honour the land that we live on and invite in the energies of Scottish plants. on a heatproof surface (suggestion would be a stone of your choosing from the earth and place your shell onto this) place your lit charcoal disc on top of shell and sprinkle little bits of resin onto the charcoal disc to release the smoky tree fragrance.


it is said that smoke carries the soul or the personality of the plant so as you witness and feel the smoke releasing, allow the personality and the healing powers of these beautiful evergreen allies to envelop you with the intentions you put into it. please try to always give thanks to the tree material and respect it with every use


pine and spruce are evergreens and pine is native to Scotland and therefore an ancient all year round protector and a symbol of immortality and eternal life, thus, the resin is used to purify, sterilize, and embalm things that need to be preserved over time and in the past - even the dead. bugs, mosquitoes and other creatures are sometimes caught in tree resin and preserved perfectly for thousands of years in an amber like substance.


one reason resin or sap is produced by the tree is when it is damaged - for example - somewhere the tree has been damaged or exposed, it will create this substance in order to protect itself and heal from its injury. i like to think of it like a natural plaster. this being the case, when I hand harvest, I harvest only from naturally damaged trees and I only take a very small percentage of the resin so that the tree can continue its healing. this takes a very long time but I am committed to respecting the trees where possible, thus these loose insences will only be available when I have resin and plant material to do so. slow living, respect for the land


pine and spruce watch as other plants rise and fall throughout the years and stand true and wise to their nature. it is firmly rooted into the earth and symbolises a deep grounded-ness, as do most trees


create ritual and use with deep reverence to this symbolism or explore the pines yourself and watch how your relationship unfolds and you create your own friendship with this powerful plant.


20g- please note plant material weight, colour and scent can vary from jar to jar as product is completely natural. This product has not been laboratory tested due to the foraged nature of the plant material. Please be aware of this. Plant materials have been mindfully harvested, dried and ground in a clean, protective environment using methods to keep areas and surfaces clean of other pollutants. Use of this product is done so at own discretion.

Pure hand harvested Scottish Pine & Spruce Resin

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