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Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Lavender, Lime the air blend is a mixture of those lovely menthol plants that we don’t fail to notice on walks in the wild. think of a sensory garden and the plants that essences get caught sweetly in the wind. Inspired by expression, listening and the plants we use to clear our throats and airwaves. Hand melted in Scotland in an old 1970's pot using eco soy wax and a blend of fine organic essential oils and topped with fragrant dried spearmint leaves.  A sweet, clean burn time of 50-70 hours. Light me to fill a space with completely natural, menthol and minty plant scents. Use during meditation, practise or anytime you need your senses tingled! The first time you light this candle please let it burn for around 2-4 hours to allow for an even melt the whole way down.  A menthol and minty marriage of herb and plant oils to promote a sense of clearing,  Great for when you need to take a big deep breath and create some space. We love using this blend when we have the intention to use our voice with clarity. And breathe...

air candle

  • The sense of smell and the energies it awakens are different for all of us. For this reason, we do not offer returns or refunds on items after dispatch. 


    We will, of course, look to help should you feel your candle is not up to the standard you should expect.

  • All items are shipped through Royal Mail standard postage on either 1st or 2nd class.


    We're a small operation, so please allow 2-3 working days for 1st class purchases and 3-5 working days for 2nd class purchases. 


    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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