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a full set of the six blends so you can set the tone to your practice, your day or your night however you wish or however you need.  in a glass dropper bottle for ease of use. blended with our favourite silky soft, organic fractionated coconut oil, locally grown hemp and organic moringa oil. great to use in savasana massages, in your bath, hair, massage, body conditioner and hands. each 50ml oil set comes with one of each of the 5 elements + the 5 element blend  Ingredients : Organic Fractionated coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) + organic Hemp Oil, organic Moringa oil, organic essential oil blend

Set of Six Oil Blends

  • A set of 6!


    Fractionated coconut oil base blend in a 50ml bottle with glass dropper top. 


    Great to use for massage, diffuser, bath, hair and of course, savasana!


    Ingredients : Fractionated coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) + essential oil blend

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