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air. to express.  organic essential oils of : Spearmint | Lavender | Lime | Eucalyptus  The air blend is a mixture of those lovely menthol plants that we don’t fail to notice on walks in the wild. think of a sensory garden and the plants that essences get caught sweetly in the wind. Inspired by expression, listening and the plants we use to clear our throats and airwaves. in a glass dropper bottle for ease of use. blended with our favourite silky soft, organic fractionated coconut oil, local hemp and a dash of soft moringa. great to use in savasana massages, in your bath, hair, massage, body conditioner and hands.

Air Oil Blend 50ml

  • Organic Fractionated coconut oil base blend in a 50ml bottle with glass dropper top. 


    Great to use for massage, diffuser, bath, hair and of course, savasana massages!


    Ingredients : Organic Fractionated coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) + organic essential oil blend

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