Friday 30th October 



Included - a limited edition (not available to buy online) Samhain Mist will be delivered to your door for use during the workshop and during this time. It is a warming and protective blend of red mandarin, cinnamon and clove. 


This class takes place on the second full moon of October, the day before Halloween and during the pagan festival of Samhain (30th - 1st Nov) It is known as a time of the thinning of the veils, where the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest, nature's cycle is complete and ready to be born again.  This is a time with a lot of energy moving around so what better time to tap in. 


I am offering this class as a pause, a reflection, a moment to set intentions and check in with where you're at as the seasons move around us. It can be a difficult time for many as the nights draw in but it can be a time to celebrate! I very much beleive that if we can take more notice of what the natural world is doing right now and use her as a mirror into what we could be doing, we can begin to flow with more understanding and ease. Moving with nature, rather then against her.


We are part of nature and now more than ever i think its important for humans to  connect back. 


This time has begun to mark the transition into winter, harvestiing season is upon us, with colder and darker nights. If we can look within the cold and the dark, we can find some true hidden, still beauty, clues and nourishment. Winter is known as a time to relfect, after harvesting the fruits of summer, physically and internally we can finally pause. Like a big deep breath out! We can begin to plan, plot and prepare again for the spring and summer months when everything comes alive again. 


I will chat to you for a little while about this time and we will move into some intention settings together then a gentle, nourishing, yoga practise to help move our bodies and minds into the season. 


Purchases for this class close strictly on the 23rd October to allow time for your self care packages to arrive on time.


Please set up a warm, comfortable and intentional space. The setting up is as important as the practise itself.  Set aside time to do this. Light candles, mist the space, make a cup of tea, bring your crystals and any special items. I suggest that you maybe take some of the day, if you can to go outside and collect some plants or items and bring them with you to the space. Please try to do this respectfully.  The colours are beautiful right now! 


You will be sent a zoom link on the day or the day before of the class with a playlist and all the information you will need for the class. 

Winter Moon Online Workshop