Please note this is a pre order and your candle will be poured under the dark new moon on the 15th November November 2020 and sent to you in the following few days, as we move into Sagittarius season and once it has set. Pre order closes on the 14th November.
SAGITTARIUS - The astrology collection. Inspired by the movements of the universe and astrology. Inspired by some of the personality traits of Sagittarius and transformed into a scent to reflect its qualities.
Sagittarius Season - 22nd November - 21st December 
A positive Mutable Fire sign whose symbol is the half man, half horse centaur clutching his bow and arrow and aiming towards some distant goal. Zeus, the great god of Olympus presides over this sign and coveys Sagittarius's very masculine type of creativity and emphasis on the activity of intellect this sign holds. A sign full of aspirations and is very good at turning ideas into a reality. A deep love of learning, people, cultures and great travellers.
Saggitarian energy is restless, truthful explorative, optimistic and seeks to understand social behaviour. 
Sagittarius Candle - Tea tree and Rose Geranium

Tea tree -  A member of the Myrtle family, like Niaouli and Cajuput, it grows in the swampy areas of Australia. It was first discovered by Captain Cook and his crew. Tea-tree is one of the best first aid oils of aromatherapy.
It is an excellent oil to have around as a preventative during the cold season and can be used as a first line of defence at the slightest sign of micro-organismic attack so fab foir this time of year. 
Tea-tree oil can be used for cleansing and protection. It is particularly useful for warding off the demons of disease and can be used for healing rituals and as a room aroma in a sickroom. It is decongestive and may help to clear energy blockages.
Rose Geranium
 - There are about 700 species of Geraniums, many of which have become very popular as decorative, scented house and garden plants. Only about 10 of all those varieties are used for essential oil production. Geranium oil has become one of the most widely used oils in Aromatherapy; its overall effect is described as 'balancing'.
Geranium can be used for chakra balancing, to restore the equilibrium between male and female energies. It can help the mind to focus and centre at times when it is overwhelmed with pressure and the sense of 'too much on my mind'. 
This candle has a balancing, clean burn time of around 40-60 hours. Use me in your astrology rituals, moon rituals or simply because you are drawn to the scent. It might be your star sign or in your chart or it might be in your friends and it might be the perfect gift for your astrology lover friend.
Please note this candle is a pre order. It will be hand poured and blended in Scotland in the yogi oils factory using nothing but plant ingredients, by katrino under the dark New moon on the 15th November, just before we move into Sagittarius season on the 22nd November
Pre order from now and you will receive your candle the week after the new moon so you can carry the energy of your candle into the month, year or however long your candle lasts.
Ingredients - Eco soy wax and rapeseed wax, essential oils of : Tea Tree and Rose Geranium. 40-60 hours burn time
Once it’s gone it’s gone for the season. A once in a year chance. Will you collect them all?

Sagittarius Astrology Candle