relaunch 3.0! yogi oils most famous blend in history! Prema is a Sanskrit word and translates as Divine love which is the highest form of love that exists


inspired by love and sacred and precious plants :


rare rose otto which is distilled from the petals of the rose flower


blue lotus flower which is said to be a sacred plant used by the Egyptians and symbolises the purity of the spiritual life of man


vanilla absolute from the vanilla pod of the Vanilla planifolia plant which stimulates hormone and serotonin secretion (Happy feels all round) sacred sandalwood from India


these oils are precious and made with the intention to flow with the energy of the heart and love.


as a way to celebrate you or a loved one try this delicate and powerful blend and use it intentionally to evoke the magical place of love which resides within us all. use this sacred mist wherever and whenever you need it most. a gentle spray to remind you of your connection to something much deeper than yourself.


the scents of rose will tingle your senses while the aftermath of vanilla notes will make you feel right at home wherever you are! my favourite is to lightly mists this just before bed or in the mornings and set your intention with loving awareness.


SUPER LIMITED EDITION Yogi oils most famous blend - launched in 2018 and has returned once since then. This is the third appearance and one not to be missed...



100ml Prema mist - Ingredients : distilled water hand collected from Scotland, lavender oil, blue lotus oil, vanilla absolute, rose otto oil, cardamom oil, Indian sandalwood oil, sweet almond oil and a dash of alcohol.


Please patch test before use as essential oils can be an irritant. This batch ; Best before end March 2021.Made in the yogi oils factory Scotland.

Prema - the return! 100ml mist

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  • crystal clear distilled water and alcohol base blend in our new golden capped amber glass fine mist spray bottle. 


    intentionally spritz this sacred blend wherever you desire to invite in the power and vibration of divine love. 


    Ingredients : Hand collected and Distilled Scottish Water and a dash of alcohol with the essential oil blend