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JULY 23rd - AUGUST 22nd


Leo is one of the most well known signs in the zodiac. a fire sign, known for its fun, impulsive and show stopping personality. passionate, enthusiastic and generous i wanted to capture some of these traits in a scent. the Leo candle is inspired by some of the confident traits of this sign. you aint gonna walk past this and not notice it!




Lemon - for sharp and mental flexibility and focus, clarity and great for aiding in any kind of new learning and starting or completing a project (great for this time of year!) Clears negative thoughts and restores confidence in ones self. Basil - brings about a sense of new found energy when levels seem to feel low, great for soothing the mind and heart. Think rejuvenation and strengthening at times of tiredness. To bring about deep rest and natural rythms of sleep. It is sweet and mouth wateringly juicy with a tingling of a herbacious basil undertone.


2 scents that marry together beautifully for a sweet and energising burn time of around 40-60 hours. Use me in your astrology rituals, moon rituals or simply because you are drawn to the scent. It might be your star sign or in your chart or it might be in your friends and it might be the perfect gift for your astrology lover friend. It will be hand poured and blended in Scotland in the yogi oils factory using nothing but plant ingredients, by katrino under the dark of the Leo new moon on the July 23rd.


Ingredients - Eco soy wax and rapeseed wax, essential oils of : Lemon and Basil. 40-60 hours burn time Once it’s gone it’s gone for the season. A once in a year chance. Will you collect them all?

Leo candle (lemon and basil 100% plant based candle)

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