29th April

Online via zoom


Commitment £22


Workshop includes a discount for the very first batch of 'Peace' The fragrance of the Soul essence in a 100ml Mist or a 50ml Oil. Each oil or mist comes in a beautifully packaged gift box beside an ethically sourced rose quartz and lemon calcite to assist you on entering this magical story of healing and peace. 


The essence makes up a big part of this story and collaboration. The mist contains hand collected fresh spring water by Katrino, Jennie alongside close friends and family who clambered up a snowy Ben Y Vrackie to a special spot. The water was distilled by Katrino on the full moon and then infused with responsibly sourced lemon calcite and rose quartz to pick up the vibrations of the crystal energy, which resonates with the heart and solar plexus. The oil is made using a base of soft liquid coconut oil which is marinated with the crystals before being bottled up with the pure essential oils of rose and lemon.


A first of its kind online workshop with storyteller and crystal worker and healer, Jennifer Walker from Dragonfly Crystal Therapies in the highlands of Scotland and Katrino, adventurer and creator of yogi oils. Jennie and Katrino met 5 years ago and have continued to work together to share their passions of the hidden energetic world and the connection we have to nature. 


What to expect?


Jennie will tell the story of the fragrance of the soul, the Peace Rose and the incredible synchronicities that took place while she sat with her 97 year old father one day after his comment on finding peace. You will then be guided very intentionally through a heart opening, restorative yoga sequence by Katrino to help ease your body and mind so that it can be open and receptive to a symbolic story journey written and read by Jennie. 



This workshop will take place on the day of The Peace Rose - 29th April at 7-8.30pm.


EXCLUSIVE - When you sign up for this workshop you will receive a discount code that you can use towards a discount of the Fragrance of the Soul gift box which includes a lemon calcite and a rose quartz and you can choose if you would like the fragrance in either the mist or the oil - a blend of rose absolute and lemon essential oil.


A little about the symbolic meditation you will journey through with Jennie - The River of Peace is a reflection of our earthly life - our energy flows peacefully like a river when we are balanced emotionally, mentally and physicall. Sometimes we come across rocks in the river that represent challenges we face. The journey is a joint venture with our ancestors who teach us the wisdom to navigate the rocks and heal the wounds. Allow the scent of the fragrance of ther soul to guide you. 



Set up an intentional space and get ready to come on a journey of the heart and of what peace means to you.  


You will be sent the zoom link on the day of the workshop after signing up and will receive your discount code as soon as you pay for the workshop so that you can choose if you would like the fragrance gift box alongside you as you take part in the online class as a way to connect us all.


Cannot wait to see you there....


Jennie and Katrino x


P e a c e - Online Workshop 29th April