These mists have 2 strains of lavander in them, hand collected from a Lavander farm in the South Island of NZ on Katrino's recent trip in early 2020 during the  peak of summer time -


Lavender Grosso

Lavender Angustifolia


I spent 1 month in 2019 then returned for 3 months the next year wandering the mountains, hills, streets and lanes of the landscapes in the South Island of New Zealand and I found myself picking lavander, smelling it after rainfall, rolling it in smudges and watching it every day.


I was surrounded by this plant and slowly Lavender became my plant ally while i spent my time out there.Inspired by catching myself stuffing my pockets, bags and carrying the plants as i wandered i decided to make something from the inspiration. My gift to you is these mists. I hope you are transported to wherever you need to be when you use this plant medicine. Use it intentionally, as natural perfume, as room mist, on your body or anywhere that calls for some summertime lightness. 


Ive added some pure New Zealand eucalyptus essential oil becasue the new zealanders swear by this oil for its thereputic and healing beneifts and it goes so sweetly with lavander. 


All inspired by the Island that i will always hold dear as my sweet sweet lavander dream paradise. 


Limited editon and once theyre gone... theyre gone... until maybe one day when i return again...


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100ml of plant medicine goodness 

2 strains of powerful lavender plant medicine

New Zealand Plant Medicine Mist

  • Distilled Water, Organic oils of - Lavender Grosso and Lavender Angustifolia,  New Zeland Eucalyptus Essential Oil and a dash of locally sourced alcohol