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hot house yoga standrews


Sunday 4th Feb

exchange - £33


i am very excited to be bringing you a regular offering as a way to simply honour the turn of the seasons and thw wheel of the year, just as our ancestors did. a way to slow down, connect back in to yourself and our true ways, true nature


this ceremony is an honouring of the wheel of the year. a simple gathering, allowing space for you to connect back with the rhythms of nature and thus, yourself. open to all, the curious, the practised, the open and everything inbetween.


including - gentle yoga, cacao, practical and magical ancestor knowledge, shamanic practices, intentions, essential oils, plant allies and relaxation.


bring a mat, a blanket, water bottle, snacks (if you want!) any special items including crystals and a journal if youre a note taker!


limited spots as this is a small but beautiful little studio in the town of StAndrews, Fife. Hot House Yoga.


any questions please do let me know.

I look forward to sharing space with you, Katrino x

Imbolc Ceremony- Sunday 4th Feb - StAndrews

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