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I am very excited to bring you this sultry, sexy, mysterious, floral, vanillary, plant mist, Branwen.

She returns each year around the modern day of love.

It is a blend of three beautiful, soothing and delicate but deeply floral essential oils - Rose Geranium, Lavender and the incredibly gorgeous Jasmine, swirled together with a soft and sweet undertone of lingering vanilla.


When i created this i had the intention of making a plant perfume, that you could essentially switch out and use instead of your regular perfume and smell like a plant Goddess as you walk this earth. The oils i used are strong and soft florals - the perfect balance. Use as a beautiful natural perfume, room scent, as an offering to the land and to invite in the goddess' energy, in ceremony, sacred space or wherever else you desire.


In celebration and honour of the modern day of love, on the 14th February, Yogi Oils have created this mist inspired by one of the Celtic Goddess’ of love, Branwen.


This naturally golden tinted liquid comes in a 100ml blue bottle (which you can totally refill with your own scents afterwards!) Like your very own liquid gold.


PLEASE NOTE - ❤️ these are limited edition mists for the season and available until stocks last. Oils may settle at the top of the water for some time until the oils blend fully into the water but this will not and does not afffect the quality of your product. I cannot guarantee the same scent or colour with every purchase as plants are wild beings and every bottle of essential oil may be slightly different.


Have a little read about one of the Celtic Goddess' of love here -


She is associated with Aphrodite and Venus. 'Branwen, Goddess of Love and Beauty, daughter of Penardim and Llyr, sister of Bran the Blessed, King over all the Island of the Mighty, was loved by her people for her gentleness, compassion and beauty. As Mother of the king to come in the tradition of the Old Tribes of the British Isles, she is the embodiment of Sovereignty.


She is the Center from which all life emerges. She rules over the Land, both its spirit and its manifestation. Her vision is long, seeing the whole, the greater scheme of things. Sometimes this knowledge can be too much to bear. Branwen (“white raven”), is most likely an ancient Goddess whose sacred spot is Cadair Bronwen (Branwen’s Seat), a mountain peak in the Berwyn range of Wales.


Cadair Bronwen is topped with a cairn that resembles a nipple from afar.' -


Branwen is one of the triple goddess of Avalon along with Ceriddwen and Arainrhod. Branwen translates as white raven. She is the maiden aspect of the triple goddess as seen as a beautiful young woman.


She is springtime and inspiration and the daughter of the sea. She releases mistreated wives from bondage and blesses them with new beginings.


Yogi Oils mission is to create products that bridge the connections between the ancient wisdom of plants, nature, the seasons, mythology and stories related to our ancestors traditions. Nature is us and we are nature.

Branwen goddess plant mist

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