THE 5 ELEMENTS - to balance  Ingredients - organic essential oils of : Patchouli Lavender VetiverRose geranium LemongrassLime EucalyptusSpearmint Sweet orange Ylang Ylang Clove Neroli Clary sage Lavender Roman chamomile a gorgeous little 10ml amber glass bottle full of a 100% organic yogi oils essential oil blend. great for use in your diffuser and as a base scent for adding to your own creations. the 5 elements blend was born out of request for 2 reasons - when you didn’t know which blend to choose and a lot of you were asking me what the smell was! this blend is inspired by balance. it contains all of the essential oils from earth, water, fire, air and aether to create one punchy balance in a bottle. great for all round neutralising and every day, anytime. Amber glass helps to protect the oils from sunlight and the dropper cap is great for ease of use. Please note this is 100% pure organic essential oil with no carrier oils so always patch test before use as essential oils can be an irritant. 

5 ELEMENTS - 10ml pure organic plant essential oil